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Balancing results and relationships for management teams worldwide

An independent corporate finance advisor, Liberty Corporate Finance exists to support management teams across the globe.

Our mission is simple; to provide the best advice and get the best results possible for our clients in private equity transactions. Our specialist team has advised management teams across a multitude of sectors, meaning we have unrivalled knowledge of the industry and the key decision makers within it.

About us

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What our clients say

Creative, tenacious, people centric and a lot of experience.

Client story: Phill Robinson, Exact Software 01:53

What our clients say

What really matters is the personal relationships with the individuals who help on your transaction.

Client story: Chris Morris, Citation 01:30

What our clients say

They can straddle everything from domestic UK focused deals, to dealing with global tech firms from all over the world.

Client story: Stuart Miller, ByBox 03:17

What our clients say

They responded very quickly, they were very flexible and very pragmatic.

Client story: Kevin Georgel, Admiral Taverns 02:56

What our clients say

It was important for us to have advisors that were level headed and pragmatic.

Client story: Carl Shuker, A-Plan 03:23

What our clients say

Liberty really were the only people that were on our side – truly.

Client story: Ian Simkins, Audley Travel 01:32

What our clients say

Liberty were able to dispassionately distil down the key facts across the types of interested parties, getting us to a place where we could compare opportunities.

Client story: Dan Saulter, Davies Group 03:35

What our clients say

Liberty were able to go through and look at market data, and look at what happened to businesses as they came to market.

Client story: John Stier, Equinti 01:16

What our clients say

As a management team, you have to come out of this process able to work with your investors. By having Liberty, we didn’t have to have any falling outs.

Client story: Greg Watson, GL Education 01:11

What our clients say

Liberty worked with us, agreeing a pot of equity that would be available to the management team going forward to suitably incentivise us to grow the business.

Client story: Jim Kirkwood, TTC Group 04:07

What our clients say

For our second PE deal, what was really helpful in working with Liberty was that they had a very clear position that their role was to optimise the deal for the management team.

Client story: Euan Fraser, Alpha 01:30

Neil Rodford

What our clients say

Liberty were transformational for us, genuinely - the administration and the clarity of thinking enabling the transactions to take place.

Client story: Neil Rodford, YM&U 02:06